Our Programs


We’re partnering with teachers and schools to provide reading partnerships to students who made need a little more mentorship, or companionship in a non-threatening way.  

In addition, many schools are looking at partnering with our Veteran or Hospital programs to allow students and easy way to volunteer and serve.  

Military Veterans

We’ve partnered with veteran and wounded warrior programs.  Many veterans are recovering alone or lacking companionship.  By providing reading partnerships amongst vets, or even a civilian to a vet provides much needed companionship.  

Critical Care Hospitals

So many patients are recovering alone in critical care or end of life care in hospitals.  ‘No One Dies Alone’ is a program hospitals have implemented across the country.  

We wanted to take that piece a step further to read to a critical care patient, or provide a break for the family member or nurse by their side. 

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Our program is completely run through our volunteers and the generous donations of our community. Donate and support our cause today.

We are working towards our 501c3 filing!

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