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Welcome to Read In Red

Read in Red is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create mentoring relationships, friendships, and connection through reading.

It should be easier to serve, volunteer, and have an impact.  Our program was designed to be a catalyst and make reading partnerships simple and possible.    

Our readers ‘Read in Red’ at schools, hospitals, and support other mentoring non-profits including military veterans.  

Read to a child after school, read to a patient in the ICU, read with a military veteran.  Take an hour out of your day to connect, and to read.  

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Why we help

An hour a week, committed to reading to someone, is an amazing opportunity for support, community, friendship and calm. 



Our readers support our community.



We support families helping their patients recover.



We support patients healing, and maybe alone.


kids & parents

We support kids with single and hard-working parents.


military veterans

We support veterans who may be struggling and need a little help and connection.


struggling Children

We support kids spend too much time alone or may need help, mentoring or simply a connection.


Wounded warriors

We support our service men and women and those that may need extra support.


We support hospice care and patients facing end of life care.

Our history

Read in Red was built on the idea, that connection should be easier.  Volunteering should be easier.  We wanted anyone, anywhere to be able to choose to serve, and have the means to do so.

We wanted to make programs that provided a catalyst for veterans, critical care patients, students to connect.

Our team saw gaps in hospitals.  We were struck by how many people were recovering, alone.  Families wouldn’t want to leave their patient alone.  Providing a break, an hour for a volunteer to read would have provided much needed rest.  Read in Red was designed to support patients and hospitals.

Our team saw gaps amongst military veterans.  Many vets and families recovering alone.  Many sought companionship.

Our team saw gaps in schools,  As many students needed a little bit of extra support, and mentorship.

How to Support Read in Red

There are many ways to partner with Read in Red to support those that need a little extra support in your community.

become a reader

Connect and spend a little time simply reading.

Our program is completely run through our volunteers and the generous donations of our community. Donate and support our cause today.